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Denture Implants

If you need to replace a full arch of missing teeth (all of your upper teeth or all of your lower teeth), an implant denture  

may be an excellent treatment option for you. This system provides you with a beautiful, natural looking stable

denture. Although this denture is still removable, it is anchored with implants for increased retention and stability that

is lacking with traditional dentures. This is a great alternative to traditional dentures because you can eat

many foods and not worry about your dentures becoming unstable.

 The implants also help keep adequate jaw bone and you will not

lose bone as you age as you would with traditional dentures.

Your implant dentures can be supported by four to six implants. The dentures

snap in leaving you with a full arch of functional, natural-looking teeth. You are

still able to remove the dentures to clean adequately. This type

of restoration involves adequate planning by a prosthodontist to restore your teeth

to a natural position, contour and color. Dr. Sellers will also evaluate your bite and

plan for adequate function of your restoration.

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