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How To Choose The Best New Toothbrush: 3 Things To Consider

Have you ever ventured into the oral health care aisle and felt confused about which toothbrush is the right toothbrush?  If this has happened to you, you are not alone!  Unfortunately, a free trial isn’t usually included with the purchase, so here are three things you should take into consideration when you are picking your new toothbrush.

Is The Toothbrush Manual or Electric?

Although several studies show that electric brushes provide a better clean compared to a manual brush, both can clean efficiently with the right technique!

One main factor when deciding on a brush is cost.  The upfront cost of an electric brush and the cost over time to replace toothbrush heads can add up.  Fortunately, there are numerous options with different price points on the market.  That being said, a manual brush will be significantly less expensive.

Another consideration when choosing your toothbrush is your personal dexterity.  If you have issues with your hands such as arthritis, reduced or limited mobility, etc. an electric brush may be the better option.  The power brush can essentially take the “work” out of brushing.  You allow the brushes movements to do the work for you as you tilt it towards and away from your gums and from tooth to tooth.

Does The Toothbrush Have Bristles?

It is best to use a toothbrush with soft or extra-soft bristles.  Toothbrushes with harder bristles are less pliable, which means a less efficient clean in the hard to reach areas.  Hard and medium bristled toothbrushes can also cause trauma to exposed soft tooth roots and gums.

What’s the Size of the Toothbrush Head?

When choosing a toothbrush look at the size of the head.  A smaller toothbrush head is ideal.  The smaller headed toothbrush allows you to access all areas of your mouth with ease, including the hard to reach places behind the front teeth and behind the back molars.  The shape is not necessarily a concern as long as you can efficiently clean.

Whichever brush you choose, remember it is necessary to regularly change your brush and/or electric toothbrush head.  An easy way to remember to change your brush is to change it with the seasons (every 3 months) or sooner if you notice wear.  By changing your brush often, you will ensure it is effectively removing food, plaque, and bacteria.

The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.  The good news is, if you don’t like the brush you pick, there are many options out there for you! Feel free to discuss options and any concerns with your dental hygienist and dentist in Bismarck, ND.  We love talking teeth! 🙂

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