Biolase Laser Dentistry in Bismarck, ND

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WaterLase iPlus Dental Laser

We’re replacing the dental drill with a more modern approach.

Mobile version of the WaterLase Laser Dentistry machine

Dr. Krysta Sellers is always looking for new ways to make your dental experience more comfortable and effective. Whether you suffer from dental anxiety or just have a busy schedule, she aims to put you at ease and provide convenient care. All this is achieved with our WaterLase iPlus… opens in a new window to Biolase website… dental laser from Biolase. This laser is able to perform a host of dental services without the use of drills, needles, or scalpels. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy faster, more precise care in the comfort of our relaxing dental office.

What are the Benefits?

This state-of-the-art laser combines water, air, and laser energy for safe use on mouth tissue. In fact, it works with your teeth and gums as they are partially made up of water. When the laser makes contact the water molecules are stimulated and this makes for easier treatment while keeping the area cool.

This modern technology leads to a range of benefits:


More Comfort

There is no need to use a dental drill and in most cases no use of anesthetic.


Increased Convenience

Less time in the chair, single-visit care, and less referrals, are all attainable through laser dentistry.


Precise Care

WaterLase technology is more accurate than a traditional drill, which saves more of your healthy teeth and gums.

Our innovative piece of equipment reduces the need for surgery and promotes less invasive treatments – with enhanced results!

WaterLase IPlus laser dentistry machine
WaterLase IPlus laser dentistry machine logo

What Can A WaterLase Dental Laser Do?

A Waterlase Dental Laser in Bismarck Means: Less discomfort, faster healing times, and multi-functional abilities.

Periodontal Disease

WaterLase can remove bad bacteria that could lead to gum disease.

Gum Contouring

Remove excess gum tissue or align the gum line to achieve a beautiful smile.

Remove Growths

Laser away unusual oral growths or overgrown tissue to help boost health.


Tongue-tied correction and restrictive tissue can be removed with our non-invasive laser.

Wow, what an amazing dental office! its clean and beautiful not to mention the staff is awesome and always friendly. I'll never go anywhere else the level of service is phenomenal!

Alexandra B. (Actual Patient)

Epic X Diode Dental Laser

Versatility and comfort all wrapped into one amazing laser

Epic X laser dentistry machine from Biolase
Epic X laser dentistry machine from Biolase Logo
Mobile version of the Epic X Laser Dentistry machine

In addition, to our WaterLase iPlus, our caring Bismarck dentist uses an Epic X diode laser. This laser can be used to reduce pain, remove oral bacteria, and even whiten your teeth. The diode laser is very effective at caring for soft tissue problems and is antibacterial so reduces the chance of post-treatment infection.

If you are nervous about your teeth cleaning or perhaps have wanted a whiter smile but felt apprehensive, then this laser can help squash your fears. The diode laser reduces discomfort and eliminates the need for needles or drills. Plus, procedures can be performed faster and healing times reduced.


Pain Relief

Not only does the Epic X require less anesthetic but it can also provide temporary pain relief.


Less Chair Time

A range of soft tissue and cosmetic treatments can be performed more efficiently with this innovative laser.


Reduce Anxiety

Less need for invasive procedures and traditional drills, help reduce fear in our more nervous patients.

As with all our services, we will explain how the laser works and highlight the benefits during your visit. The Epic X is designed to provide the best care possible with faster treatment time and more precision.

Epic X Diode Dental Laser Treatments in Bismarck, ND

Access faster preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry without any discomfort.

Oral Hygiene

Our team can remove bacteria from around your teeth and gums during your cleaning. What’s more is patients report less plaque build-up between cleanings because the laser prevents bacteria from entering the body.


If a deep cleaning is necessary due to severe periodontal disease, then our laser can help heal gum and bone tissue by removing bad bacteria. The treatment time for this procedure is reduced and there is less chance of infection.

Teeth Whitening

Our Epic X laser can whiten your teeth in half the time of other in-office whitening treatments. The laser targets a specific wavelength to brighten your smile and achieve beautiful results.

TMJ Pain

Through bio-stimulation, this form of laser dentistry can increase blood flow to your jaw. This, in turn, allows your TMJ muscles to heal and increases circulation in the strained area.

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