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Cosmetic Dentistry in Bismarck, ND

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Actual Patients of Dr. Sellers.

Female patient arriving for teeth whitening as part of Bismarck cosmetic dentistry
Teeth Whitening

Millions of people are turning to teeth whitening solutions to brighten their smile. Whitening is an ideal path for those looking to remove stains from their teeth or improve a dull smile. At our Bismarck dental office, we offer Opalescence Boost Whitening. This in-office whitening can provide breathtaking results in just one hour.

If you wish to pursue teeth whitening, Dr. Sellers will explain the procedure and use a shade guide to identify the best shade for you. She then prepares your mouth for the whitening gel by using a gum shield and a special resin to stop the gel from running onto your gums. The Boost gel is then applied to your teeth and left for 20 minutes. A second round of whitening may be suggested if your desired shade has not been reached.

After the procedure, you can follow up your in-house whitening treatment with our take-home kits.

In addition to Opalescence Boost Whitening, we offer laser-assisted teeth whitening with the Epic. This in-office whitening option can brighten your teeth by 4-6 shades in just 20 minutes. Please ask our dentist in Bismarck for more details.

Man smiling after receiving dental bonding as part of Bismarck cosmetic dentistry
Dental Bonding
Are you unhappy with the shape, color, or overall appearance of your teeth? There are many just like you who want a non-invasive solution to improve their smile. Well, we have that solution and it is called dental bonding. This procedure uses a composite (tooth-colored) resin to adjust the shape of your smile and fix any defects you are experiencing.

Dental bonding can help close space or gaps, fix chips or decayed teeth, and improve the overall look of your smile. Dr. Sellers first discusses the teeth you wish to enhance and then prepares them for bonding. This involves “etching” the teeth, which is the process of created small crevices on your tooth’s surface. The surface of the tooth will be more adhesive for the bonding agent.

Next, Dr. Sellers paints on the tooth-colored resin in layers and shapes it as she goes. Each layer is hardened with a special light with the final layer being shaped to your specifications. This layer is smoothed, buffed, and polished to leave your smile looking natural and beautiful.

Older lady smiling after her cosmetic dentistry appointment where she received porcelain veneers
Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

Do you have crooked, misshapen, or discolored teeth? Are you embarrassed to smile for photos or really laugh out loud? Many people are discovering their true smile and self-confidence with porcelain veneers. Veneers are a modern dental treatment designed to reshape and brighten your smile in just two visits.

A veneer is a thin piece of tooth-colored porcelain that is customized to fit perfectly over your natural teeth. When placing veneers, our cosmetic dentist in Bismarck, ND slightly changes the shape of your natural teeth to make space for the veneers. She takes an impression and discusses the shade you would like your new teeth to be. The impressions are sent to a dental lab where your veneers are made.

During your next visit, we clean your teeth and apply a bonding solution to them. Your new veneers are precisely placed on each tooth and the solution is hardened using a special light.

Porcelain veneers leave you with a beautiful white and aligned smile. The porcelain material is durable and is cavity-free. However, we recommend caring for your veneers as you would your natural teeth.

In addition to veneers, Dr. Sellers uses porcelain crowns for an aesthetically pleasing tooth restoration. These crowns are like caps that restore the shape, look, and function of your natural tooth. They are most commonly used when a tooth has fractured or cracked, but are also effective as restorations for root canals and dental implants. The porcelain has the added benefits of a tooth-colored finish and longer-lasting functionality.

Man in a blue shirt smiling after his gum contouring as part of cosmetic dentistry in Bismarck ND
Gum Contouring
Although gum contouring can be used to restore the health of your gums and/or to prepare the mouth for other procedures, it is primarily used to correct a “gummy” smile. Do you have the appearance of small teeth due to excess gum tissue? It may be that you have natural tooth under the gum line. With gum contouring or crown lengthening, Dr. Sellers can increase the size of your tooth or teeth by removing the gum tissue.

We use the iPlus Waterlase for this procedure as it involves removing soft tissue. This technology prevents any discomfort while providing accurate results. Using this laser, the gums are carefully separated from your tooth and reshaped to leave a higher, more even gum line. Dr. Sellers uses this modern technology to remove the excess tissue and uses an intraoral bandage to prevent any infection after surgery.

Our kind team monitors you throughout the procedure and provides advice on how to prevent discomfort and encourage healing after.

I've been to the Aesthetic Dental Center a few times now and each time has been a great experience. The staff is very friendly and gentle. They really make going to the dentist a calm and easy time and that's what I was looking for the past few years.

Scott C. (Actual Patient)

Man who received cosmetic dentistry - before and after
Woman who received cosmetic dentistry - before and after
Before and After photo who had cosmetic dentistry work
Before and After photo of woman with cosmetic dentistry work
Collage of Bismarck Cosmetic Dentistry Work Before and Afters

Feeling at Ease With Sedation Dentistry

There is no need to feel anxious or apprehensive at our comfortable and relaxing office.
Woman sitting in our cosmetic dentistry chair wearing headphones during her sedation treatment

At the Aesthetic Dental Center in Bismarck, we go the extra mile to ensure our patients feel at ease in our office. Whether you are here for teeth whitening or a full-mouth restoration, your comfort is our priority. With this in mind, our team understands many patients suffer from dental anxiety, so we have designed a visit to diffuse your nerves and encourage relaxation.

Not only do we have a number of in-house comforts including massage chairs, heated pillows, and Netflix, but we also offer sedation dentistry. Sedation has been specifically created to alleviate anxiety by making our patients feel relaxed and calm. We offer the following forms of sedation at our office:

IV Sedation: You are made to feel comfortable and deeply relaxed with intravenous anesthesia. It may feel like you have slept through your procedure with the side effect of feeling sleepy after the sedative is withdrawn. You need to bring a designated driver to help you get home if you choose this option.

Nitrous Oxide: This is more commonly known as “laughing gas” and is administered using a nose hood. As the name implies, you will achieve a sense of wellbeing and feel your anxiety being reduced.

In addition to these sedation options, we have a dedicated nurse anesthetist named Jacqueline Materi. Jackie is here to administer IV sedation and monitor your progress. She will also answer any questions you have about this option. Her main aim is to offer patients a safe and stress-free experience at the Aesthetic Dental Center.

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