Full Mouth Restoration in Bismarck, ND

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Are You Missing Most or All of Your Teeth?

Improve your quality of life with full mouth restoration.

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If you’re embarrassed to show your smile, uncomfortable while eating and speaking, or tired of your worn dentures, then full mouth reconstruction can restore your smile. Missing or broken teeth affect confidence and can hinder your ability to eat your favorite foods and speak clearly.

In addition, an incomplete or damaged smile can negatively affect your oral and overall health, including shifting of any remaining teeth, bone deterioration, and jaw pain. That’s why it’s so important to take back control with a full mouth restoration in Bismarck, ND with Aesthetic Dental Center, where we combine restorative and cosmetic treatments to renew your smile and dental health.

Full mouth restoration can correct the following:

  • Oral health neglect
  • Gum disease and tooth loss
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Mouth trauma or injuries

With today’s modern treatments, it’s never too late to get your complete smile back.

Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration

Peace of Mind
Get the dream smile you deserve through a personalized treatment plan that combines beauty and function. We consider your needs, goals, and budget to create the best version of your smile.
Better Confidence
Show off your new smile that looks and feels all-natural. Our restorative dentist gives you the ultimate confidence boost with a restoration that matches your appearance, facial shape, and any existing teeth.
Improved Health
Guide your wellness back on track with a full mouth rehab. A complete set of teeth and a well-aligned jaw help promote better overall health and enable you to chew high-quality foods again.

How Full Mouth Restoration Works

Aesthetic Dental Center gives you personalized treatment options.

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Your transformation begins with a consultation at Aesthetic Dental Center in Bismarck, ND, where we’ll get to know each other and teach you about your treatment options. Typically, full mouth restoration involves a combination of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services.

While there are many reasons why you may need complete mouth restoration, our team doesn’t judge. Instead, we’ll guide you through the process and work with you to create life-like results you love.

  • Step 1: Consultation

    At the initial meeting, we’ll perform an exam and review your immediate and long-term needs. Please also let us know about your goals, concerns, and questions. Our dentist then recommends ways to restore your smile, and our team helps you understand costs, financing options, and expected timelines.

  • Step 2: Preparation

    Our dentist prepares your mouth for full mouth restoration depending on the procedure we choose together. This may include one or a combination of treatments based on your needs: tooth extractions, dental implant placements, scans to create your custom restoration, etc.

  • Step 3: Transformation

    Once your mouth is ready and we create your restoration, it’s time to place and finalize your new teeth. These may include one or several custom-made solutions, including veneers, crowns, bridges, and dentures (partial, full, or implant-supported dentures). Our dentist then double-checks the fit and comfort to ensure you’re ready to show off your smile!

Our cosmetic and restorative specialists in Bismarck, ND are ready to lead you to your new and improved smile.

FAQ about Full Mouth Restoration

  • How long does full mouth restoration last?

    Each restoration plan is customized for the patient, so treatment times vary greatly.

    Some factors that affect the timeline are the extent of damage, the number of missing teeth, the healing time during preparation (for example, with extractions and dental implants), and the decision to complete treatment as fast as possible or in phases.

    Treatments can take a few months, a year, or over a year, depending on the above. Please contact Aesthetic Dental Center in Bismarck, ND for a full mouth rehabilitation consultation to learn more.

  • Is full mouth restoration worth it?

    Complete reconstruction is an investment in both time and money, but the results are priceless, and the procedure is well worth the cost. Many reconstructions also help prevent more serious problems down the road (like bone deterioration and shifting of remaining teeth).

    Just imagine how restoring your teeth can improve your quality of life as you smile confidently, laugh out loud, speak without slurring, and bite into your favorite foods.

  • How much does it cost to fix a mouth full of teeth?

    Prices vary depending on the extent of treatment and your insurance benefits.

    Fixing a full mouth of teeth is a multi-step process personalized to each patient’s needs, goals, and budget. These steps include preparation, restoration customization, and placement – the amount of work varies for each individual.

    Additionally, there are two common ways to replace a full set of teeth using fixed dentures (AKA implant-supported dentures) and removable dentures. Prices also vary depending on the system we choose together.

    To receive a recommendation and cost estimate, please schedule a full mouth reconstruction appointment in Bismarck, ND.

  • Can I replace all the teeth in my mouth?

    Yes, it’s possible to replace all of your teeth. A whole new set of teeth help you look and feel your best, and you have several different options, including dentures and dental implants.

    Dentures can be fixed or removable. They’re made with artificial, life-like teeth on a base that looks like your gums. Modern dentures are more comfortable and realistic looking than in the past, and we have ways to prevent slipping or sliding while you eat/speak.

    Dental implants, on the other hand, replace your tooth roots to act as a base for your restoration. Once complete, we attach the denture to the implants to secure it into place. Typically, just four implants can hold one denture arch, so four implants up top and four on the bottom secure a full denture.

    Your dentist will recommend the ideal way to replace a full set of missing teeth. Please contact us directly for a consultation.

  • Can a dentist fix all your teeth at once?

    Modern technology allows us to create same-day crowns and fast restorations, but fixing a full set of teeth is a multi-step process. The time it takes to complete varies based on your preparation and the system we select.

    Given this information, there are ways to replace teeth immediately after extraction using temporary dentures. However, these are only temporary placeholders until your mouth heals and your permanent denture is ready for placement.

    Our goal is to create a beautiful, long-lasting, and durable restoration, so we use the highest materials to craft your tooth replacement.

Get Your Full Set of Teeth Back

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